Tuesday, June 24, 2008


i want to be with u,, i need to feel u,,i wanted to be the girl who will give u happiness,, d 1 hu'll gonna be your world. i wanna take away ur pain,, i wanna be with u in ur love game. but den yesterday it hit me,, "stay inlab" wrongsend?! was dat 4me?! stay inlab with whom?! huh?! cluesless... denial queen!!! watch ur wordz,, i dont even know who's my king to be the denial queen. i dunno wer u get all dat,, i thought u knew hu's OTI hu's FEMME...

i told u a million tymz,, i want a guy hu'll gonna fight for me,, hu'll catch me when i fall,, i wish it will be u,, i thought it must be u,, i let myself believed it is u...but den wen i came 2 realization dat it could be possibly u,, i let myself fall,,but den u did'nt catch me ,, u left me,, worst thing is u let me catch by som1elz,,

u made my dreamin a 1 hell of a turn around...

...to be continued!!! lolz

Saturday, June 21, 2008


basta d2 lng AKO, d2 lng para sa KANYA
magaantay, mangangarap na AKO sana'y mahalin NYA
pero pano pag may dumating at SIYA'y umupo sa aking tabi?!
at tunay na pagibig ang mamutawi...
ang sarap suklian ng tapat na pagibig dba?!
pero tapat ba ang maiaalay kong pagibig?! sasaya ba SIYA?!
maaaring oo mamahalin ko SIYA, kami nga'y maaaring maging masaya

pero pag AKO'y nagiisa SIYA pa din kaya ang nasa alaala...
kasalanan un dba?! masaya't kasama ko SIYA
pero ang puso't isip ko ay nasa KANYA

at bigla pag tapos ng saya... heto SIYA't lumuluha
nasaktan ko SIYA, puso'y binalewala
at heto nman AKO naguiguilty, iddahilang pinilit ko nman db?!
pero hanggang dun na lamang talaga....

mga taong nakapaikot samin tingin AKO'y masama
aking mga kaibigan hatol sa akin isang tanga
sinaktan at pinakawalan ko SIYA
habang AKO'y tangang nagaantay sa KANYA

siguro mas mabuti na lang kung AKO'y di na umalis sa KANYAng tabi
nakakainip nga lang magaantay at sabik na sa KANYAng labi
atleast sa KANYAng tabi, walang SIYAng sawi
walang SIYAng tanga... tama ng AKO,
AKO na lang tanga
para sa KANYA...


u r w/me yet u seems so far away
ur kisses taste oh so sweet yet it
shows no feelin' at all..
i wanna hug u to feel u
but u want other hand to touch u..
how can i ever loved this guy without a face
who walks in and out of my life without a trace..

damn its so hard to fall for someone
who threated u like no1
juz went u tot u found som1 who complete u
but in reality he juz hir to break u
how can i ever loved this guy without a face
who makes my life a HELL OF A MESS....


why did u have to leave me
when u juz said u love me...
i believed in everything u said
but why all u did was to lie to my face..

i gave u all my heart
u took it and tear it apart
u taught me to be strong
but why it feels so wrong?!

u told me will gonna face d world together
but why is dat i cant find u anywhere?!
they told me u're with somebody
and now i'm juz ur nobody..

did u whisper in her ears " ilove you too"
like the way u used to do..
did u promise her everything..
did ur promises to me means nothing?!

why is all i could asked..
coz now itz useless to wear my winning mask
my mask that hide my undying pain
I LOVE YOU STILL cant put u to blame....

Friday, June 20, 2008


im in love..
dats the line, my lips used to say
my heart long to feel
and my mind dats gonna argue and say
"again?! no way!"

i fell in love a long tym ago..
but dat tym no1 thought me how 2 let go..
coz dat tym i know im strong..
i can face d world if anything went wrong..

.....2b continued


its funny how the two of us met

you fell for me eventhough im a mess
you never left by my side
you took care of me all tru d night..

THAT NIGHT ders dis question dats playing on my mind
ders dis why?! how?! and simple can i call u mine?!
hard 2 admit u took dat night my heart
dat night dat change my life w/ d "love thing" dats knckx me hard..

"love thing" funny isnt it?!
ure d 1 i wana be with
i love d way u touch me..
i love d way u caress me..

"I LOVE" hehe...
i love it wen i make u smile..
i love it wen i make u laugh..
i loved to hug u, kiss u or simple watching u..
hope dis feelings will stay dis way..
coz i love u each nd every day....


i've been far away from home xo many times...
i've been to places i thought reside only in my imagination...
but you know whats the farthest place ive been?!
its when im in front of you,
looking you in the eyes
knowing i cannot be with you
coz situation wont permit us too...
suckx isnt?!