Tuesday, June 24, 2008


i want to be with u,, i need to feel u,,i wanted to be the girl who will give u happiness,, d 1 hu'll gonna be your world. i wanna take away ur pain,, i wanna be with u in ur love game. but den yesterday it hit me,, "stay inlab" wrongsend?! was dat 4me?! stay inlab with whom?! huh?! cluesless... denial queen!!! watch ur wordz,, i dont even know who's my king to be the denial queen. i dunno wer u get all dat,, i thought u knew hu's OTI hu's FEMME...

i told u a million tymz,, i want a guy hu'll gonna fight for me,, hu'll catch me when i fall,, i wish it will be u,, i thought it must be u,, i let myself believed it is u...but den wen i came 2 realization dat it could be possibly u,, i let myself fall,,but den u did'nt catch me ,, u left me,, worst thing is u let me catch by som1elz,,

u made my dreamin a 1 hell of a turn around...

...to be continued!!! lolz

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