Friday, June 20, 2008


its funny how the two of us met

you fell for me eventhough im a mess
you never left by my side
you took care of me all tru d night..

THAT NIGHT ders dis question dats playing on my mind
ders dis why?! how?! and simple can i call u mine?!
hard 2 admit u took dat night my heart
dat night dat change my life w/ d "love thing" dats knckx me hard..

"love thing" funny isnt it?!
ure d 1 i wana be with
i love d way u touch me..
i love d way u caress me..

"I LOVE" hehe...
i love it wen i make u smile..
i love it wen i make u laugh..
i loved to hug u, kiss u or simple watching u..
hope dis feelings will stay dis way..
coz i love u each nd every day....

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