Saturday, June 21, 2008


why did u have to leave me
when u juz said u love me...
i believed in everything u said
but why all u did was to lie to my face..

i gave u all my heart
u took it and tear it apart
u taught me to be strong
but why it feels so wrong?!

u told me will gonna face d world together
but why is dat i cant find u anywhere?!
they told me u're with somebody
and now i'm juz ur nobody..

did u whisper in her ears " ilove you too"
like the way u used to do..
did u promise her everything..
did ur promises to me means nothing?!

why is all i could asked..
coz now itz useless to wear my winning mask
my mask that hide my undying pain
I LOVE YOU STILL cant put u to blame....

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